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This is Bruno

Bruno is a very lazy and fat cat. He wants to bring more action and joy into his life.He absolutely loves to bounce other flat fat cats around the living room.

Special mechanics

Face a diversity of special objects with their own mechanics. Color buckets will paint your cats.


Bruno dislike dogs in general, but chihuahuas are a special threat. Their craziness is unpredictable.


There are over hundreds of levels. Join Bruno on his adventure and help him to have more fun.


Try to solve every level with a three star rating and compete with your friends.

"At times when I am busy with work,
I will need some quick games to relax in between"


"Billiard but ballz are fat cats. 
That might be flat. But fat."

- Steam curator Anthro

"Cute game not only for cat and air hockey lovers but for everyone, who likes a nice bouncing game with lovely details"

- DaikonMedia with Partners: MyHub, Scrabble Tool